GET OFF OUR LAWN: Restore the Greensward

Restore the Greensward

Overton Park was designed by George Kessler in 1901 as a place for people to play, explore, and enjoy the beauty of open fields and ancient forest. For most of the last century the Greensward has been a peaceful green space in the heart of our park.

In recent years the City of Memphis has allowed the Memphis Zoo to use our historic Greensward as a parking lot on busy days. Our zoo is becoming more popular every year, and so is the rest of our park. The current lack of traffic control and rapidly rising damage to public parkland is unacceptable.

There are a few obvious solutions -- redesigning existing lots to maximize space, running shuttles from satellite parking, encouraging street parking with a circulating shuttle, and building a new parking garage inside the zoo's boundary -- that would end the gridlock and restore the peace for everyone.

We want the Overton Park Greensward restored as a calm public space, not a chaotic private parking lot. We are sick of the noise, dust, fumes, and destruction. We want the cars and trucks to GET OFF OUR LAWN now and forever.